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Wealth management is a process Asset Planning Pros designed to help you determine your financial goals. Our strategies will increase the likelihood of reaching your financial goals. APP’s wealth management service includes portfolio management and personal financial planning.

The steps in the financial planning process are:

  1. Establishing and defining the client-adviser relationship.
  2. Gathering client data, including goals.
  3. Analyzing and evaluating your financial status.
  4. Developing and presenting financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives.
  5. Implementing the financial planning recommendations (portfolio management).
  6. Monitoring the financial planning recommendations.

Financial Planning Focus

Our financial planning focus on areas including financial independence (retirement), education funding, investment strategy, insurance, taxes, and most importantly, estate planning.

APP’s portfolio management provides ongoing, professional supervision of your investment assets. You’ll also find it convenient to have a third party keep records and manage your investments. Our objective of portfolio management is to maximize the rate of return consistent with your financial goals. As a result of strategic planning, many people accumulate portfolios of assets, which require time and expertise to manage. Many investors lack the time required to efficiently manage their assets. You specify your risk tolerance level. APP reviews managed portfolios at least quarterly and we make any needed changes to rebalance to the target asset allocation and/or to ensure best execution on a discretionary basis. Discretion means that we place trades without prior approval from you.

Your asset planner will contact or attempt to contact you at least annually to review your financial plan and portfolio. It is your responsibility to notify APP at any time there are changes in your financial situation or life matters. You may contact APP as needed to discuss your account, financial situation, or investment needs.