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10.   Public Pensions are dead. They’re being looted and cut daily.
9.     Social INsecurity is going BROKE. The likelihood of any available money when needed is
8.     Tax deferred, or, “Tax Postponed” programs are NOT for Americans. They’re for Uncle Sam.
7.     Newly “state sponsored” retirement programs are a bandaid on a car in a major accident.
6.     “Financial advisors” are compensated on money you place regardless of you making or losing it.
5.     This private pension plan is more than 30 years old and created by the wealthy.
4.     This private pension plan has NO LOSS. A GUARANTEED return. And tax-free retirement.
3.     This private pension plan is protected by many state laws, AND an IRS tax code.
2.     This private pension plan leaves a tax-free legacy to your family.
1.     YOU, are ultimately responsible for YOURSELF.