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While I embrace and support some of what is said here, I TOTALLY DISAGREE with driving millennials INTO. THE. STOCK. MARKET.

Case in point. In THIS very article…(Excuse the spelling, but this author, a published “financial advisOr”, apparently got a “C” in high school English…more than half surveyed were focused on simply “…avoiding loss”!

The definition of financial loss in the dictionary SHOULD be “Investing your hard earned money in the stock market.”

>HERE<< is the article.

I have taken the liberty of pulling the most disturbing part of it below.

Picking Hot Stocks

What’s more, when American Funds asked what makes them feel smarter as an investor, only 43 percent of Millennials said “sticking with my investment strategy” (compared to 65 percent of boomers). And 12 percent of Millennials told American Funds that they think picking the next hot stock or market sector makes them “feel smarter as an investor.” Only 2 percent of boomers felt that way.

Similarly, Wells Fargo’s survey said that 59 percent of thirtysomething workers “focus more on avoiding loss than maximizing the growth of their investments for retirement.”

Many Millennials would love to be educated about investing, according to the surveys. But they’re either hesitant about talking about it with their parents or don’t have financial advisers.