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I have a friend. He has a friend who lives in a really cool, quaint house on a huge lot in Huntington Beach, CA. 

We were visiting the area one summer to hang out at the National surfing championships held at the pier every year. It’s huge. I mean, HUGE. The draw to the event is monstrous in spite of the dismal appearance of low, 2-3’ swells for the surfers to perform on. 

The crowd watching and activity is heightened by the smell of suntan oil and a buffet of attractive people of all ages. 

But, I digress. Back to our title. 

At the end of the first day of competition, about a dozen or so of us are sitting in this new friend of mine’s gigantic backyard enjoying a plethora of alcoholic beverages and seemingly endless protein on the grill and sufficient accompaniments, I complimented him on doing so well for himself while holding down a job for the city. 

He laughs, looks at our mutual friend, then everyone laughs loudly.  

Had I said something so comical it warranted a group laugh? Was my zipper down? Did I have a chive in my teeth? What on earth could be so ridiculously funny? 

When the laughter finally wanes, he looks at everyone, then at me. 

Oh, Oh, I thought. This must be the schooling I had coming. 

“This place.” he starts. “There’s absolutely no way ever I could buy such a place on my crappy salary. This place was bought by my grandparents like 30 years ago before I was even born. If they hadn’t bought it, I’d be living in a dumpy little 60 year old apartment. I’d still be at the beach, but my life would be totally different.” 

I was stunned. 

He raised his beer. 

Everyone raised theirs as well. 

“Thank you grandpa!” 

I got it. 

It was his legacy he was enjoying and extremely grateful for the forethought of those before him. 

This brings me to the moral of the story.

We are all possibly going to be “grandpa”. What will we do with this honor? How will we leave a legacy for the generations which will surely follow? 

At Asset Planning Pros, we have an incredible tool for everyone to leave an amazingly affordable legacy. It’s the use of our private pension plan. 

Every generation benefitted by this forethought will be imminently better than the one before it.

Now that you know about it, isn’t it time you put into place an evening capped with a toast from family and friends to you? 

We think it surely is.