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Private Pension Plan

Retirement and family security based
on a properly structured life insurance platform.

The Challenge

The “3-legged stool” pension plan is dead. Its’ demise can be attributed to the elimination of company-sponsored pension plans, employer matched tax deferred offerings and the extinction of the social security system. In years of late, it has become an increasingly heavier load on the employee to secure a retirement, of any kind.

The Solution

Fortunately there exists a simple and effective path to choose. One which offers a guarantee of zero loss of an insured’s principal, asset protection against unforeseen legal affairs, powerful and easily accessible living benefits and ultimately, IRS protected tax-free growth. Simply known, as our Private Pension Plan.

Tax free retirement for life. And you have full control.

Financial investment offerings are plentiful and littered with dangers. From greedy advisors paid on the amount of money a client invests, to the haphazard manner in which they manage, or, mismanage, a client’s retirement account. With so many landmines between you and your comfortable retirement, what are you to do?

The very first and most critical step, is to educate yourself. That, in itself presents a complicated task. To aid you in wading through all of it, we constantly scour the globe searching for the most current newsworthy and educationally rich information available. Please use it then ask us how we can help you use what you’ve learned.

Trackable Results

What exactly does that mean?

In the industry, it means “bragging rights”. In our company, it means, success for our clients, one at a time. When the needs and desires of every person we work with are discovered, we can then formulate and build the proper vehicle to take them safely to their destination.

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