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Life Insurance

“Life insurance is one of the pillars of personal finance” — Forbes Magazine

When the topic of retirement arises, nearly every client we counsel asks, “Why life insurance?” To that we answer, Great question!

To the uninformed, retirement and life insurance couldn’t be farther apart. Traditionally, this would be accurate thinking. Financially however, it is without a doubt, the number one method of accessing all the benefits of the same tools used by the wealthy.

And now, we offer them to you…

There are only two types of life insurance. You may have heard many variation of them – whole life, variable universal life, universal life, key man insurance, executive bonus insurance, mortgage insurance, first-to-die coverage and a host of other variations. Bottom line, there are only two types. Term and permanent. Depending on the needs of the client, we offer both. More importantly, we can advise on why either one is best.

Once upon a time, folks thought of life insurance as merely a costly investment to benefit their survivors. While providing continuity to those left behind is the very idea behind life insurance, Asset Planning Pros has excels in implementing  an affordable, powerful program using life insurance for the living.

Additionally, we’d like to introduce you to some uses of life insurance far beyond those you are familiar with. The NUMBER ONE feature people believe life insurance is for, is for the benefit of their heirs upon their death. While this may be partially true, thinking of life insurance in this manner would be similar to thinking your Motorola flip phone is the best phone ever. The worldwide existence and use of the Android and iPhone prove that belief false.

Below are a few of the highly-refined uses and benefits of a properly structured policy of life insurance.

  • Liquidation of an existing annuity to leverage both the funds and wealth transfer to heirs while avoiding taxes.
  • Structured appropriately, College funding can be augmented by the leverage of a policy.
  • Tax-free legacy building far beyond what’s been saved for retirement or inheritance. These passed down funds are not subject to inheritance taxes or probate proceedings.
  • Our plan reduces exposure to risks not anticipated, legal and life based, while growing in value and remaining liquid.
  • Our accelerated death benefit endorsements provide living benefits for chronic, critical and terminal illness at no additional cost.
  • Our plan, properly structured, removes the risk of you outliving your money. It provides a tax-free retirement income to age 120!
  • Our plan provides your heirs with the one thing which cannot be bought. For any amount – Time for those left behind to make wise decisions not influenced by the lack of it.

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