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Private Cash Plan

The intelligent alternative to CD’s,
mutual funds
and risky investments.

The Challenge

For those who’ve accumulated liquid assets whether it be $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more and feel unhappy about its’ current location, protection and growth, we’ve got the perfect solution. Typically, larger sums of capital trust in the banking system and its’ product line of CD’s or financial advisors who are compensated on the amount of money a client brings to the party. Regardless of which you choose, each avenue is rife with caveats and potholes. Whether it’s the protection, control, growth, wealth transfer or ultimate distribution, the restrictions to be aware of can be daunting to even the most savvy investor.

The Solution

We’ve the perfect solution. A vehicle which can accommodate capital infusions up to $1,000,000 per year which are leveraged with zero risk for greater legacy when needed most. One which offers protection against principal loss and potential unforeseen legal involvement, complete control and access to the capital and ultimately, tax-free distribution. One which enjoys greater rates of safe returns than most other passive investments and requires no management or monitoring. If this is something you’ve been looking for, we invite you to inquire about our Private Cash Plan.

Tax free retirement for life. And you have full control.

It has been said throughout history, “Seek, and ye shall find”. In today’s modern era of technology and information overload, that’s easier said than done. We’re overwhelmed with information. Some good while much, not so much. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing lurking everywhere. How does one narrow down the better options presented by reputable sources? On what criteria are such choices to be based and made?

Here’s a thought worth considering…go “old school”. Spend the right amount of time researching what you seek. Validate answers to the questions you pose. Check, then cross-check their source. Then, request realistic and legitimate illustrations containing your parameters. If you receive green lights, schedule an appointment with your advisor, look them directly in the eye, and ask the hard questions. We’ll be here to answer them.

  • Asset Planning Pros 80%
  • AIG Direct 50%
  • Midland National 75%
  • Lincoln National 60%

Trackable Results

In the industry, it means “bragging rights”. In our company, it means, success for our clients, one at a time. When the needs and desires of every person we work with are discovered, we can then formulate and build the proper vehicle to take them safely to their destination.

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