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Retirement Plans

Your reward

for valuable service.

The Challenge 

Educators have invested years and sacrificed much to become who they are. They are well-educated, respected, admired and sought after for their broad knowledge of many subjects. Higher education teachers are pursued for their intimate comprehension of specific areas of knowledge. The last thing an educator needs or wants, is to be adept in navigating the sea of information and options in the retirement space in their quest of the best ones to yield financially rewarding retirement results.

The Solution

Trained professionals. Ones who aren’t interested in the thousands of products in the retirement and asset protection space, but who are interested in only the best ones. Understanding how they work then building them to maximize their design. Intimate knowledge of applicable retirement engineering is the cornerstone of peace of mind. We use the same care and effort in retirement design as educators do creating lesson plans. It’s the reward we proudly present to our educators for their service.

Tax free retirement for life. And you have full control.

If you’ve a 403(b) for yourself or 529 for your child, you’ve done well in your forethought. What you may not know is, those tax-deferred, or tax-postponed products, are unprotected shoeboxes of cash tucked in the back of your closet. They are susceptible to loss…risk…poor growth and…magnificiently high taxation upon distribution. Waiting until retirement is far too late to act. Education is key in knowing the best options for you and your golden years.

Tax deferred products are Uncle Sam’s way of making you his unwilling “silent partner” in his quest for vast amounts of income. This income arrives after you’ve contributed 20, 30 or 40 years to one of his “retirement plans” cleverly disguised as a tax savings vehicle for you. What he doesn’t want you to know is, he’s willing to wait all that time until that account of yours is nice and fat – then help himself to a very generous cut of your money.

  • Asset Planning Pros 80%
  • AIG Direct 50%
  • Midland National 75%
  • Lincoln National 60%

Trackable Results

What exactly does that mean?

In the industry, it means “bragging rights”. In our company, it means, success for our clients. For each client one at a time. Once the needs and desires of every person we work with are discovered. When those needs and desires are presented can we formulate and build the proper vehicle to take them safely to their destination.

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