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We’re being facetious. That’s NOT always a positive thing. In retirement planning and wealth creation, unless you hit a powerball or create the next big internet thing, you should be planning long-range. Get something that requires ZERO effort after setting up. Will NEVER lose money. Is protected by most state laws and affords tax-free distribution via an IRS tax code.

Those features lead to peace of mind which far outweigh the nonsense of thinking you or a, “for fee” financial advisor can do better. You, and they, can’t. You’re betting AGAINST something far greater than the both of you; and it never loses. Which means, you do. Your advisor doesn’t because you PAY HIM to watch your account dwindle.

You need something better. Much, better…like a crock pot. Set it and forget it. Can’t you just smell how good that is?


A crock pot needs no attention and will provide you with exactly what you expected at the end of the day. Stocks, governmental sponsored tax-deferred retirement programs, Social INsecurity, “hot stock tips” and real estate do not.

Step away from the “gotta have it now” attitude and kiss on a “Wow. I get THAT much at retirement? TAX FREE?”  mentality and watch your life improve. We create tax free private pension plans every day. And our fees? Uh, we have none. That’s right. Zero. Call us. No charge. Spend an hour on the phone with us. No charge. Come sit with us in our office. For an hour. Or three. No charge. (We may ask you to bring us snack though.)

Anyway, >>HERE<< is why the instant gratification attitude sucks and why we’re asking you to take another look at your future with our help.