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George Godfrey – Licensed Agency Owner


Few have solved the Rubix cube. Fewer have mastered the intricacies of a tax-free financial independence tool created in the 1980’s, known as life insurance.


In fact, even today, few have utilized, much less mastered such a tool. Agency owner George Godfrey is one man who has. And he’s back to repeat his incredible success.


His skillful craftsmanship of fine tuning the ultimate tax-free retirement tool developed into our “Private Pension Plan”. It was this model which created such great success for clients that allowed Mr. Godfrey to propel himself to become the No. 1 financial advisor in Nevada, and No. 10 in the nation with his former company.

He is now continuing this success with the identical tool which benefits Americans everywhere in any industry by creating his latest agency.

It is this program, now being rolled out to school districts and businesses large and small across America, which is the premier choice of retirement, asset preservation and protection unequalled in any other plan.


Which begs the question, “How does APP save clients money?” Mr. Godfrey responds.

“We start with NEVER charging fees.”

He continues, “Here’s how.”

  1. “We aggressively attack low internal operating expenses. Modern offices without the ultra-high rent, ZERO large-scale media advertising, and a comprehensive website where much of what we offer is available to educate – freeing our time to actually create the plans clients have told us they want.”
  2. “Much of the cost for traditional financial advisors comes from client acquisition—chasing down leads and making personal visits with potential clients. They also spend considerable resources in traditional marketing, especially the large firms. Those setup costs must be recovered over time through fees. APP keeps those costs low by finding clients through social media and referrals by early adopters who post about our services. We enjoy capturing clients through viral acquisition.”
  3. “Next, we save costs by relying on internal financial management expertise and technology. One of our core client groups is millennials. We understand they’re heavy users of social media, and apt to recommend services they enjoy to their friends, therefore we believe they place much faith in the power of technology to solve their problems.”
  4. Lastly, we are compensated directly by the insurance companies we represent in placing our high-quality plans.


We invite you to connect with one of our advisors to discover precisely how our private pension plan is now within reach for the benefit of you and your family.