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What is “Retirement”? More succinctly, what is, “Financial Independence”? Are either within reach for Americans? Or Millennials?

Clearly if one ponders the subliminal message of each, they are in fact, one in the same. For IF one is retired, it can be said one is financially independent. Therein lies the issue: many Americans will never be either. Sure, one may be “retired” because of job displacement or health related issues, but retirement due to financial independence will not be the cause.

That’s the bad news for many. For those who use the right knowledge, comfortable retirement due to financial independence is within reach. The wealthy are financially independent. Whether it be from trust funds, an internet sensation, or generations of financial prowess, the average American is unaware of or moreso, unwilling to employ.

The provider of our Private Pension Plan participated in the investigation and subsequent creation of a report on the ability to achieve the topic of this article. Titled, “Will Millennials Ever Be Able to Retire?”

It’s a fascinating exposé of the underlying causes of American retirement failure, and an even better blueprint to how this dramatic failure for the average Joe can be permanently avoided for generations to come.

We are happy to provide a complimentary copy of the report for nothing more than your request.

Financial independence explained

Here’s a question… WHY, do you feel the wealthy, are wealthy? A hundred people asked responded with a hundred similar responses, but the common thread underlying each response circles back to the root of the source of wealth. The answer is actually two components:

  1. Knowledge. The wealthy have access to better information.
  2. Their use of this information is the number one basis for wealth creation.

We serve a number of hard-working Americans and wealthy individuals better than others because we only use financial instruments which carry no losses, are blessed by states for protection, and kissed on the lips by the IRS for tax free extraction.

As a parent, it’s incumbent, if not mandatory, to integrate a plan for your child which will assure them and your grandchildren, a lifetime of financial security. Whether or not you’ve secured this for yourself, is completely irrelevant. To NOT guide them in this inexpensive investment for their future is the highest form of irresponsibility and selfishness a parent can exhibit.

Most parents are too busy being consumers…with bloated mortgage payments or rent, a, “must-have-that-car” payment, choking credit card debt for trinkets and baubles long gone, and general various other excuses for financial imprudence.

If you are such a parent, please cease following our company and our guidance and continue the path of believing “…my child will be fine”. Look around you. They’re NOT “doing fine”. They’re frightened. They’ve seen what their parental generation has done to this country and they want no part of it. We know this first-hand because we’re parents of millennials. We counsel millennials every day. We can see it in their eyes.

Everyone thinks “…it will all work out.”

It won’t. Things, do not “work out”. PEOPLE, must act, for things to work out.

Most people do nothing out of fear. When it comes to financial independence, most believe it will never be in their life. And, sadly, it’s true. But, because humans possess the attribute of free will, they can change this.

IF, they secure and ACT on the right knowledge.

The other reason people defray solutions to problems is, cost. Professionals who are permitted by law to charge a client for the privilege of sitting or calling them, start the meter. And it gets expensive. Who wants to pay for knowledge which is just sitting “out there” on the internet?

THAT’S the ugly secret.

Imagine if you could secure all the knowledge the wealthy have access to without the cost of accessing it? Would that put you in a position to change your life?

Yes, and No.

Yes, for the obvious reason. No, because you’re lazy. And full of excuses. And scared. And “…read somewhere on the internet that blah, blah, blah.”

If you continue to hold this philosophy, you will continue to remain where you are and there exists a strong likelihood you will pass the “negative energy gene” onto your child.

Strong words, yes. But you need to hear them.

What you do with this knowledge now is completely up to you. My bet is that you’ll dismiss it. Because you’re scared. Scared of discovering you could have done something sooner. And you’d be right. Here’s where you can change all that – get the Millennial report. It’s free. As are our services. Arm yourself, then go into a battle you’re guaranteed to win.