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The Problem

Leadership. Top products. Training. If any ONE of these represent a weak link, incomes, morale, motivation and confidence will disappear.

The Solution

Fortunately, none of these exist in our firm. Big words, yes. But our clients and advisors wholeheartedly agree – we excel at all three.

If you are of the philosophy, “Money is a byproduct of providing superior service”, then we’re interested in showing you how to leverage that attitude for greater heights of success.

Regardless of how you earn your living in your current sales profession, (Or perhaps you’re interested in beginning one) the lifeblood of a successful career is quality, motivated customers for you to provide superior services for. More than any other company in the insurance industry, we are uniquely positioned to introduce individuals and families to our private pension plan and would love to have you assist us in helping them.

Why choose Asset Planning Pros for your career?

Contracts which produce large incomes. For producers, we’ve created the most aggressive and robust comp plan in the industry.

We also have large contracts for gaming properties and businesses and offer these to qualified advisors.

Already licensed?

If you’re currently licensed but floundering, we can help. Do you ever ask yourself,

“Where am I in my career today?”

“Is it where I WANT to be?”

“Will I ever BE in the space I want to be in?”

If it’s time for a move, grab your resume and call us at 702.808.5190 today!


We can show you how to beome licensed in less than 30 days! (And, how to get licensed in any additional state you wish without ever taking another state exam.)

It’s very possible to begin on a part-time basis and with a great work ethic and coaching, move into full time, and walk away from whatever may be holding you back.

We’ve created a great FAQ resource for you.
Click here to learn more.