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Financial planning is much like healthcare, you have to plan for your retirement and maintain a healthy financial plan throughout the course of your life. Imagine you’re a doctor. In fact, maybe even an emergency room doctor. How many patients with different symptoms and needs will you see in a shift? Over a week. Covering a month, unfolding into years. Is it feasible to believe you’ll be unable to fix, and possibly even save, every patient who streams into your life as a doctor?

Of course not. It’s part of the business.

No matter what you do, or how well you’ve been trained, or how many years of highly skilled service you’ve been providing, the odds are against you saving every patient. You can’t always fix what someone’s done to themselves or at the hands of another. All you can do is try. Accepting you’ll not always succeed is the burden you must carry.

Now, imagine you’re one of our fine advisors at Asset Planning Pros highly trained and skilled in creating and implementing the number one product of its’ kind in America, our Private Pension Plan. Folks come from everywhere with their existing retirement plan in hand or, sadly, empty handed. When the “patients” case is examined, one of two things is revealed.

  1. A financial plan does exist. A poorly constructed one that isn’t doing, nor will it ever accomplish what it was intended to do.
  2. No financial plan for retirement exists.

An APP advisor can examine case No. 1 and make suggestions to mitigate further damage, but sadly, can do little if anything at all to repair.

In case No. 2, an APP advisor can easily create a highly effective financial independence path using our private pension plan. Will we be able to “save” every client who walks through our doors?


Does that prevent us from trying?


Every person walking through our doors deserves and receives the highest financial care available. To use a phrase from luxury restaurants, we use only the finest ingredients with the utmost of care in preparing the final product for your ultimate enjoyment.

Our private pension plan and our private cash plan are such ingredients… but, unless the chef knows how to use them in concert with one another, one will never truly experience the joy of beautiful results.

Call us to day and ask us to prepare the most incredible plan illustration for you, your spouse and your children’s futures – you’ll be glad you did.