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The better question is, “Why wouldn’t they take advantage of this plan?”

Great question, so let’s address the most common ones. If you’ve got one we didn’t address, contact us and ask, we’ll be happy to provide the answer.

  1. Is this a legitimate retirement plan?
    Yes. In addition to be safeguarded by most state laws, the IRS created a specific tax code for it.
  2. How much work is needed by employers to implement it for their valuable employees?
    This much…”Hello APP? Could you please come to our location and present your excellent retirement plan to our employees?”
  3. How many employees will my business need to administer and manage this plan?
  4. How much will my HR department need to learn and add to their already existing workload about this plan?                 0
  5. How is this possible?
    APP and our backbone provider will administer and manage all employee interaction with their new plan.
  6. How much work and time will employees need to have to learn about their portfolio then select the dollar allocations for each one?
  7. What happens when my employees lose money in their accounts?
    There IS no loss in the accounts.
  8. Is there an “Open enrollment period” requirement?
    No. Employees can enroll not only themselves, but their friends and family members at any time.
  9. Is this only available for employees of my company?
    No. It is available for everyone. Even children and grandchildren of employers and employees.
  10. How much does it cost the employee in management and advisory fees?
    The only cost to the plan is the actual cost of insurance for each person based on their individual                 circumstances.
  11. How much does it cost an employer to offer this program? And are there an ongoing maintenance and administration fees?
    a.            0
    b.            No.
  12. This sounds too good to be true.
    That’s not a question… 😉
  13. How do I receive more information?
    Contacting any of our highly skilled and eager-to-please advisors.