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The funds in those accounts are subject to theft and fraud. Rampant in fact.

WHY would you ever consider trusting your hard-earned money to just “someone” claiming to be an advisor?

That’s irresponsible.

Ok then. What IS the role of Asset Planning Pros?

Our role is to create protected financial independence and retirement plans for everyone qualifying for and desiring one.

We NEVER touch client funds.

Clients NEVER hand over funds to us.

We create their plan, then place that plan with an A+ rated private insurance firm with more than $44b in liquid assets conducting business since 1906.

Additionally, each account is protected by state insurance laws so if in  the event of a catastrophic event, every policy holder is made whole.

There’s simply no need to hand your money over to any advisor who ONLY makes money when they TAKE your money…additionally, whether you MAKE or LOSE money in your account, traditional advisors GET PAID. From YOUR funds.

Is that where you want YOUR money?