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Our Proprietary Anti-bullying Program For Schools

Bullying has become an issue in many schools across America. Asset Planning Pros has created and produced an anti-bullying program to help families with this issue. Teenaged and younger aged youths in schools and neighborhoods across America are bombarded with social media. So much so that anyone can be a bully and inflict devastation upon the recipient. Peer pressure is, and always will be, a considerable factor in the destruction of self-esteem in children and the result can sometimes be headline news. Too often, the news could have been avoided, if, awareness was greater and steps to address the root issue were implemented.

Cyber-bullying of our children in America has reached epidemic proportions and little is being done to fully illuminate and address the core problem. Education and intolerance are key. With parents and teachers engulfed with the primary functions of their daily duties, finding time to dig deeper into any issues negatively modifying their students or children’s behaviors is woefully small. The time for becoming hyper-proactive is long overdue, but how are educators and parents supposed to recognize bullying behavior?

Our proprietary anti-bullying campaign is designed with both educators on the front lines, parents in the home, and students in both. This complimentary program is provided to school districts across the country for use in the curtailment of this rampant, destructive behavior in our youth and society. Education and awareness of harmful or potentially dangerous behavior is key in curbing escalation of societal bullying. Education begins in the home, continues in the school and doing so benefits our communities and society as a whole.

To learn more about how this complimentary program can be used in your school and classroom, please contact us and request a conference so we may outline how it works for you and your students.

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