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Asset Planning Pros

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About Us

We, are team comprised of seasoned professionals with decades of successful practices across numerous disciplines who have come together to help solve a nationwide problem. The problem of inadequate financial planning education – at all levels. From high school students, to educators, to the pinnacle of CEO’s in boardrooms across America.

The more Americans we counsel, the more prevalent we discover the problem is. Financial education differs from financial literacy in that although accounting and investment strategies can be taught and learned, the core of these lessons are grotesquely flawed and skewed for compensated planners and against the American worker.

Asset Planning Pros provides such access.
At no cost to the client.

What makes us astronomically different from our peers is the fact that we simply know, share and implement a far superior method of securing the affordable, attainable and secured financial security of our client and their families. Furthermore, our core belief is that all   Americans should have equal access to simple and effective financial strategies; even those designed and reserved for the upper 1%.

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